Rocknuts offers a variety of collector specimens, rough, finished stones, lapidary art, custom lapidary, and more.  We have combined the talents of skilled craftsmen and artisans with the beauty of nature’s rocks to create unique works of art.


Rocknuts offers wholesale pricing.  Contact us for pricing information.


As Rocknuts web site grows, we'll be adding products and photos, rock hunting information, and links for our rockhound visitors.


Items are on pages based on our thoughts for use.

You may find that items in the Craft Supplies are Fossils

or Crystal Specimens are on the Crystal page.

So explore our pages and enjoy the Wonderful World of Rocks.




We have more inventory than we have time to put on the website!!!

Please call or email us if you are looking for something and can't find it on our website.





Lapidary Rough






Rocknuts offers a variety of materials

for faceting, cabochons, carving,

sculpting, aquariums, animal cages,

tiles, water features, stained glass,

hearths, mantles, countertops and more.


Rocknuts has a large inventory of

materials and works closely with many

specialty companies to provide you with

the material your looking for.


If you don't see what your looking

for, just let us know what it is and

we'll be happy to help.



Rocknuts offers a variety of specimens

for the collector.


Rocknuts quality specimens range in price

to accommodate any collectors budget.










From The Oceans



Rocknuts inventory includes standard and 

uncommonly found materials.



Rocknuts has a large inventory of shells

and related materials. 





Finished Stones






Rocknuts has unique faceted and

cabochon cuts as available.



Rocknuts group of artisans make both

men's and women's jewelry while

endeavoring to be unique and stylish.





Custom Lapidary






Rocknuts offers traditional lapidary

services including custom cutting,

carving and faceting.


Rocknuts and our associated Craftsmen

and Artisans also mix mediums to create stunning works of art and create custom pieces to be used in your decor or designs.


Rocknuts works to your specifications to create custom pieces to meet the needs of your project.



While fossils are not Rocknuts main focus,

we do have them from time to time.





Craft Supplies






Rocknuts offers beads

and jewelry supplies.


Rocknuts also has stone cut to

stained glass thickness,

gourds, bottles, dried plants

and more.




Rocknuts selection of Landscape Rock

is available in small walk way stone

to large decorative pieces.





Animals Think



The Book



Donna BP is an animal communicator.

She uses telepathic communication

to bridge the communication gap

between people and animals.





I Eat Poop

How To Telepathically Communicate With Animals Of All Species And Validate Communications


Men, women and teenagers can easily

 put into practice this simple,

to the point, profound method

and validate their

animal communication results.


Telepathic communication is

just another form of communicating,

like verbal speech and sign language.

We all have the ability to communicate telepathically.


I Eat Poop contains an easy to follow, step-by-step section to help put

this skill to work for anyone

interested in learning

telepathic animal communication.







Animal Links



Telepathic Animals Project



The Animal Links page has links

to subjects like:

  animal communicators,

animal nutrition, and more.


The goal of the Telepathic Animals Project

is to achieve repeatable results

that validate

telepathic animal communication.


Join the Telepathic Animals Project

and help the animals be heard!


Animals witness what we don't see!





Alien Stuff



Alien Stuff is just for fun!

Someone gives you one thing

and the next thing you know,

everybody thinks

you collect that thing!









 Animals Think

Telepathic Animals Project

Alien Stuff




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