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Great Book! Gives you a different perspective on what our pets think about. I really liked all of the different stories, and now when I look at my little pup, I see her in a different light.  At times she has 'Merry' eyes, and at other times I see she is sad when a guest has left, so I know that our pets have feelings.  Since reading the book I try to communicate to my Hannah when I am away so that she knows I am coming back to her.  Thank you for taking the time to write about all your trials and tribulations in pet communications!







Dear Donna,

I just this moment finished reading your I EAT POOP book. Thank you.

(Writing "fan" letters is not really something that I do, but I came to your book in an interesting way.)


Like you, I became interested in animal communication some years ago, and, like you, I started reading every animal communication book I could get my hands on. I even studied a little with other animal communicators via a couple of workshops, but really wanted to "do it myself" and in the ways that felt most comfortable to me.


A short while ago I received a strong intuitive impression to check again for a new animal communication book - I almost resisted the impulse because, believe me, I have read them all!  ;-)  Still, I have learned to not ignore such feelings, and sure enough - there was your brand-new book.


I wanted to thank you for your book, because I was completely amazed to find that it was almost exactly the same path I have traveled, with virtually the same discoveries over the last six years or so. I have not had the opportunity (my "day job" intrudes all too much on my time and energies) to practice and communicate quite as much as I'd like, but our experiences and conclusions have been amazingly similar...nearly identical, in fact.


This is appreciated so much, because both you and I have had a path that was very different from that of a Penelope Smith or an Amelia Kinkade!! You truly provided even more "validation" of my entire approach, and this is very encouraging. 


I wish you all the best with your book and any future writings/efforts. Your straightforward and down-to-earth approach stands out from that of some of the better-known animal communicators' books simply because it demonstrates that ANY of us truly can do this work - that it is not just for those born with a special gift. And that is a beautiful and much-needed awareness for all those interested in animal communication.


Please have a wonderful, uplifting Holiday Season!! And, thank you again.

Most sincerely,

PB - Flagstaff, AZ






Hi Donna,

I am the woman who bought 4 books from you last Saturday.


I have since read one of them before getting it wrapped and I wanted to share what a help it was to me.


I bought the books on Saturday. On Sunday my sister called. A friend of hers has a cat, Kitty, who had slipped out on Friday and wasn't home yet. It was his first time out on his own. He lives in Virginia across from DC. Could I talk with him.


I kept in touch all week and your book really reminded me of the things I have learned along the way and how to hear him vs. hearing me. I asked him for specific things that I wouldn't know so his owner would know I was talking with him. It really gave her hope during the whole ordeal. On Wednesday she hired a PetTracker who uses a dog and a GPS unit to track lost pets and the dog confirmed everything I had said according to Kitty's owner. What a faith booster that was for me!


On Thursday I knew he could see the house but was feeling a lot of pressure to come in so I backed off and quit talking with him letting him know he just needed to go him. On Friday night he walked up to the back door.


Your book was a great help to me and I managed to be a great help to Kitty's owner. And frankly, I think I helped Kitty find his brave button as he kept surviving each day on his own.


It's a fun read Donna! Great job and I am glad I bought 4!

Take care and Merry Christmas.











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